Forum Orangutan Indonesia (FORINA) was established in 2009 (25 February 2009) in Bogor to serve as a guiding coalition for orangutan conservation, improving coordination and communications among key actors. FORINA encourages cooperation among the numerous stakeholders whose actions impact orangutan survival and having reaffirmed its existence through the national meeting in Bogor on June 14 – 15, 2010.

In 2007, orangutan conservationists and scientists, government officials, community members and private sector representatives initiated a process of collaborative working to seek viable solutions to ensure the orangutan’s continued survival amidst Indonesia’s drive for economic development. As a result, In front of a packed crowd of dignitaries, government officials and the media gathered for the Bali Climate Change Conference in December 2007, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced a new plan aimed at protecting the country’s orangutan population. The Indonesian Orangutan Conservation Strategy and Action Plan, authored by the Ministry of Forestry Directorate General of Nature Conservation and Forest Protection, presents the first specific, enforceable agenda to protect the nation’s disappearing orangutans. It commits to maintaining orangutan populations above critical thresholds at which their populations may fail to recover. A core target of the plan is to stabilize orangutan populations and habitat by 2017.

FORINA’s role is to spur Indonesian Ministry of Forestry’s National Strategy and Action Plan for Orangutan Conservation starting from concept to implementation and regularly monitor it through regional and national meetings among stakeholders in orangutan conservation.

FORINA believe that the most effective and long-term solutions to safeguard species and habitats lie with all it’s member. Capacity development is about helping members build expertise and access the resources they need to own and deliver conservation. FORINA approach has always been through partnership – a mutually beneficial relationship with a common purpose, in which each partner brings something to the table.